Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin

Built for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Bistros, Salons and Dispensaries.

Menu creation made easy

Use the Foodpress Plugin to create unlimited restaurant, cafe, bar, salon or dispensary menus for your WordPress website.

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Add menus on demand

Our shortcode generator allows you to quickly and easily add menus to WP edit screens with only the click of a button!

Add them anywhere!

Fields can be added all over WP including posts, locations, custom taxonomies and more!

Style them how you want!

Menu styles and colors can be adjusted to fit your specific theme or needs.

Simple and Intuitive

Use the Foodpress Menu Shortcode Generator to create as many menus for your site.

Select from layouts, variations and styles to display all your Foodpress menus.

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Extensive Documentation

We strive to provide the latest documentation and tutorials about the Foodpress plugin avaialble.

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Hands on Support

We’ve got a great support system and help desk where you can get answers and help quickly!

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Valuable Addons

If you haven’t gotten all you want out of the Foodpress plugin, check out our extended features with Foodpress Add-ons.

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