Online Ordering


Online Ordering for foodPress seamlessly integrate woocommerce into our foodpress menu items allowing your customers to order menu items online.



Integrate Woocommerce into foodPress and allow your customers to checkout menu items and order online.

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Integrated Seamlessly

With this addon you can create simple and variable versions of menu items, both of which are seamlessly integrated into foodPress menu item edit page.

You can easily edit Woocommerce powered menu item right from menu item edit page as well.

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Front End Integration

Menu Item prices you set via this addon, get integrated right into the foodpress menus, whether its sales prices, simple product price or variable product price.

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Menu Card Integration

Just like the rest of the menu data rows, order online data fits right in the menu card seamlessly and provide a cool AJAX interactive online ordering experience for your customers.

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On-menu add to cart button

For simple WC menu item products you can allow your customers to add those items real quick to cart with on-menu add to cart button.


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Price Variations & WC Products Addon Compatibility

FoodPress OrderOnline addon is compatible with WC variable products with various price options.┬áIt is also compatible with WC Products addon – which allows you to showcase different style options for price variations (eg. checkbox)

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Easily customize the appearance for all the aspects of OrderOnline addon via foodpress appearance settings. On top of this you can also customize the language text via foodpress language settings.

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Additional information


FoodPress version 1.2 or higher

Latest Version


Latest Version Date


Change log

v 1.5.1 (2017-11-13)
FIXED: Currency Symbol not showing on Menu Item Row or Lightbox Popup

v 1.5.1 (2017-11-8)
FIXED: Deprecated WooCommerce method for getting the product type

v 1.5 (2017-10-27)
FIXED: All Deprecation issues with WooCommerce 3.0 updates
FIXED: Javascript error dealing with Popup Menu Items

v 1.3 (2016-2-13)
ADDED: Option to show variable price as a range of from value
FIXED: SSL Support for styles to load on https safe urls
FIXED: ux none menu to be able to open lightbox for select options
FIXED: close lightbox after adding to cart make page header margin increase
FIXED: Sales price not showing when saved via menu items
FIXED: showing same price range for variable menu items
FIXED: Variable items price range not working
FIXED: Duplicating menu items not make new matching WC product
FIXED: Add to cart button to be hidden in lightbox when required options not selected
UPDATED: price adjustment function be available for both front and back end
UPDATED: Variable items order options be already open when clicked on menu
TESTED: Store close times work just fine

v 1.2.3 (2015-1-11)
FIXED: 404 error when adding items to cart, adjusted per WC URL update

v 1.2.2 (2015-10-16)
FIXED: Variations attributes not working

v 1.2.1 (2015-9-21)
ADDED: Ability to set quantity for add to cart items off menu
UPDATED: be able to add to cart multiple times from menu
FIXED: Language translations missing on add to cart section

v 1.2 (2015-8-20)
FIXED: Compatibility with WooCommerce version 2.4 for Variable Products

v 1.1.1 (2015-4-25)
FIXED: Widget carts not updating after adding item to cart dynamically

v 1.1 (2015-4-8)
ADDED: Support for WC Products addon
ADDED: Jquery trigger hooks for adding to cart
FIXED: shortcode not working
FIXED: Missing appearance settings resolved
FIXED: Minor bugs

v 1.0 (2015-3-15)
ADDED: Menu item featured image to be added to WC product
ADDED: Ability to set product visibility in WC catalog
ADDED: Edit menu item button to WC Product edit page
ADDED: Menu item description to be added to WC Product
ADDED: Option to redirect to checkout page after adding to cart
ADDED: option to close popup menu after adding to cart
ADDED: Direct add to cart button to menu items via shortcode – addcart=yes
ADDED: support for Subtitle on order online section on menu item
ADDED: New order online settings page to foodpress settings
ADDED: Store close hours via settings
FIXED: get price error when activated
FIXED: Compatibility with woocommerce 2.3.5
FIXED: Variable products not adding to cart correctly
FIXED: Incorrect default button background and text color
UPDATED: styles for add to cart section

v 0.7 (2014-9-15)
FIXED: check foodpress and woocommerce function updated

v 0.6 (2014-8-20)
FIXED: attribute orderby error on WC
FIXED: Bug when creating new menu item
FIXED: Variable product menu item in lightbox now showing view cart after adding to cart

v 0.5 (2014-8-12)
FIXED: Minor bug fixed – addon_has_new_version()

v 0.4 (2014-8-11)
FIXED: minor WC error on product front end
FIXED: No foodpress notification error

v 0.3 (2014-5-7)
FIXED: compatibility to foodpress 1.1.5
UPDATED: variable products not showing notification when added to cart

v 0.2
UPDATED: to move woocommerce product when associated menu item is trashed
FIXED: compatibility with foodpress 1.1.4
FIXED: Minor bugs

v 0.1
Initial release


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