How to custom order menu category terms

Last updated: 10 years ago

FoodPress categorized menu that can be categorized by Meal type category and sub category type Dish TypeIn order to customize the order in which these meal type terms are displayed on the front end menu please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: WordPress currently does not allow taxonomy term order like you can do with posts. Because of that we are going to do a small work around to achieve a custom order for the terms. eg. Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast


Step 1

Go to Menu items> Meal type and click on QuickEdit under each item.

Step 2

Under the slug for the term add a number in front. eg. 0-dinner, 1-lunch. Click Update.

Use these numbers to set the order in which you want the terms to show up. FoodPress system will arrange the terms based on the slug and the 0 will be shown above 1.

You may also order your sub-categories as well the same way, just Quick-Edit the item you want to order, and set the order by using zero (0) through however many items you have listed.  0-Chicken, 1-Steak, 2-Fish, 3-Fried Items, etc.

eg. 0-dinner category term for the menu would show up above 1-lunch term.

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