How to find foodpress License Key

Last updated: 10 years ago

You may be wondering why we integrated a license system into the foodpress plugin, to put it simple, we are protecting our product and our time that is involved in developing the plugin and for all the updates in the future. IF you need to use the plugin on more than one domain, you will need to purchase the plugin again through your Code Canyon account and receive another license certificate. Please read below how you can locate your license key.


Step 1:

After you have purchased the foodpress plugin zip file from Code Canyon, you will need to visit your ‘Downloads’ section of your account.





Step 2:

Now that you are at the downloads section of your Code Canyon account, navigate to the foodpress plugin file, and click on ‘Download > License certificate & purchase code’ link. (While you are there, feel free to rate our plugin ‘5 Stars’, we’d greatly appreciate it!)





Step 3:

Once you have opened the text file that you just downloaded, you will see there is a Item Purchase Code in the file (like below)





Step 4:

Once you have your license key copied, visit your WordPress dashboard and click on the ‘foodpress’ settings link on the left hand navigation. Once inside the foodpress settings window, click on the ‘Licenses’ tab and you will see the below screen:





Step 5:

Click on the ‘Activate Now’ button and enter your license key for foodpress.





Step 6:

Once you have entered your license key, it is verified through the Envato server, and you should see a notice that your foodpress plugin is now activated.





Special Notice:

Please note, if your license still says it is NOT activated, do not be alarmed. This sometimes happens because the Envato API has timed out from others trying to use the same API at the same time.

Please just try again in a few minutes and see if the license will activate. 

If you keep having trouble with the license activation, please then feel free to let us know, and we will see if there is anything we can do. But remember, the license activation goes through Envato API, so feel free to yell at them first. =) 

Need Help with foodpress?

Are you stuck or having issues with foodpress plugin? not to worry drop us a line on our support forum or search for topics related to your issues thats already answered for quick solutions.