Foodpress Menu Import and Export CSV Addon

Published on: June 1,2015

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Hey Foodpress Peeps! We’ve got some awesome news about a brand new Foodpress Addon.

A lot of you have asked for this functionality and Ashan has delivered the newest addon for Foodpress plugin, the new Foodpress:
Import Export Menu Items Addon.

It does what it says it does, it simply Imports Menu Items, including but not limited to even adding Featured Menu items as well. It will pull images from your URL you specify in the CSV and use that image for the Menu Item.

Please check out more here at the actual Addon Page and see how easy it is to implement into your current or new Foodpress Menu system.

Foodpress Online Ordering Addon & WooCommerce Product Add-ons Extension

Published on: April 9,2015

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By popular demand, the brand new “Toppings” or better known as Product Add-ons Extension by WooCommerce is now compatible with the Foodpress Online Ordering addon.

Not only will you have the ability to give your customers the option to add check boxes for toppings for Standard products, but the functionality extends to the variable products as well.

Seen here, you can get a quick glimpse of the brand new Online Ordering Addon feature showcasing the new features of toppings, and also a selection of a Pizza Crust Type as well.

Foodpress Online Ordering Addon

Check out the Foodpress Online Ordering addon here and please remember, this integration requires the purchase of WooCommerce Product Add-ons extension to be compatible and function as intended.

Written by Michael Gamble
@myFoodPress on Twitter

Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin for WordPress

Published on: August 22,2014

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It’s been a while since we’ve written anything about our latest updates and features, but as you can see we’re now at version 1.1.8 of the Foodpress Restaurant Menu & Reservation Plugin for WordPress.

In addition to our wonderful Online Ordering Addon, and the Single Menu Item Addon, We’ve taken a lot of time and make drastic improvements to the Foodpress plugin. From the two custom Font Icons that are available, to the brand new Online Reservation System, we’re planning on expanding the plugin even more in the near future.

If you haven’t experienced the Foodpress Plugin, you can check it out at CodeCanyon or live at our Demo Site here.

You will see the brand new Reservation System which allows your guests to select their preferred reservation date and time, with also allowing you to limit reservation hours. The plugin also gives you the ability to send the Admin or any custom email a Notification of the reservation, and also send the person who is making the reservation a custom message about their reservation date and time and details.

You can see a cool snapshot of it below OR try out the system yourself at and register for an account to try the full version yourself.


You can also check out the backend of the Reservation System with all of the settings and tools below too!



And one more thing to note, you can even keep track of Past and Future Reservations that are pending. Of course you have the ability to delete or remove the past reservations too!


New Video Tutorials

Published on: August 21,2014

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Hey guys, wanted to update you about our new video tutorials we are working on for foodpress to get you guys started using foodpress. Mike has been spending time working on these videos and we hope to share a pretty comprehensive series of videos in the coming months.


For now please enjoy how to download, install and activate foodpress video.



Next, let’s learn how to add a Menu Item and Display a very Basic Foodpress Menu on your web page.

Fix for license activation:

Published on: June 4,2014

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If you are having issues with not being able to activate the version 1.1.5 of foodpress plugin please try the below fix.


Where to place it: ../wp-content/plugins/myfoodpress/


Download file



New version update to foodpress

Published on: May 7,2014

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Hey guys, wanted to let you in on our new update to foodpress version 1.1.5. First of all wanted to apologize for those who were waiting on this update for a long time, things have been rather crazy but we tried our best to get you guys this new update.


So whats new?

We have added a good list of new features along with fixes to some minor bugs some of you had in this version update to foodpress. So here are some of the big changes we are so proud to present to you. These changes we believe will greatly increase the look and feel of your restaurant menus.




We have added a new interactive tabbed view to categorized menu. This will make your menu look and works even cooler.





Next we added our own custom font icons and extended the icons list by additional 144 amazing vector icons that are related to food and nothing else. We hope you will use these icons to make your menus look even better.





Next amazing feature we have added is the ability to add icons next to category header. These make your menus stand out even more.

Also in the above image you can see we have added the capability to add extra text line for each menu item. So things like “Add chicken for $2.00” can now be incorporated into your menu to make it more intuitive for your customers.





You can now define, select and show your own icons for each menu as different indicators of data. Ex. Hot plate icons would tell your customer the menu item comes in hot plate.


Other worth-mentioning changes

  • UPDATED: mobile menu styles
  • FIXED: WordPress 3.9 compatibility
  • FIXED: shortcode generator minor bugs
  • FIXED: 3rd menu type category issue
  • FIXED: foodpress menu item URLs to support SSL


Our first addon!

Published on: December 20,2013

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Great new guys, we are so happy to announce our first foodpress addon – Online Ordering for foodpress.


We have worked really hard during past few days to make this right and smooth as we can make it to be perfect for all our dearest early foodPress lovers.

We had ton of people asking for this and we are so happy that we can give this to you in a relatively quick time frame.

What does it do?

Primarily this addon will allow you to connect Woocommerce plugin seamlessly into your foodpress menu and allow your customers to order menu items online. It is so cool trust me! The seamless integration into foodPress is amazing with this addon, that you can’t event tell you are using Woocommerce.



Seamless Integration

On the right is one of the screenshots of how awesome it looks in our foodPress menu card with crossed out regular price for item and a sales price along with add to cart buttons. All this works via AJAX to create awesome use interaction for your customers.

You can also change button colors, icons etc. to match this with your menu and website.


So head over and check out our new FoodPress Online Ordering addon!



Need Help with foodpress?

Are you stuck or having issues with foodpress plugin? not to worry drop us a line on our support forum or search for topics related to your issues thats already answered for quick solutions.